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fig. 48 - The Over-Under Puffball Contradiction
fig. 48 - The Over-Under Puffball Contradiction

There is a blatant contradiction between CNN/Hezarkhani "Ghostplane" and the Evan Fairbanks video. Two explosion "puffballs" occur, one at the location of each engine. In Ghostplane, the puffball is clearly below the left wing. But in Fairbanks, it is just as clearly above the left wing. .

Did the Shadow Create an Illusion?

Could a shadow have created the illusion that the puffball is above the wing in Fairbanks, when it is actually below? No. A shadow could exist on the bottom of the puffball, which could in theory make the puffball appear gray, matching the tower face. But observation and reasoning rule this out. First, in Hezarkani, we can see how much of the puffball is painted with shadow. Not much. The puffball is white.

Second, and more importantly, in both shots we can see the very dark area meant to represent the wing-hole. In Fairbanks, we see the gray of the tower face. And we see the white of the puffball. We have 3 very distinct colors - Dark wing hole, gray tower face, white puffball. If a shadow on the puffball made that region turn the same color as the tower wall, then it would not be the same color as the dark wing hole. We would see the lighter gray puffball obscuring that part of the dark wing hole. If the shadow made the puffball as dark as the wing hole, then we would see that dark round shape.

We don't see either one of those described above. In Faribanks, we see the dark wing hole, and above it is the white puffball. For a shadow to create the illusion that the puffball is above the wing, it would somehow have to make a two-toned effect, making a dark band that matches the color and location of the wing hole, plus lighter bands that match the color of the tower. Impossible.


Under the real plane hypothesis, these puffballs must be smoke, or dust from disintegrating engines, or building materials, or something. Under the compositing hypothesis, the puffballs could be real explosions, or pasted in to cover up the lack of physics with the engines impacting.

The Over-Under Puffball is consistent with the compositing hypothesis, because under intense pressure, it’s quite possible that a human made a mistake. Either the puffballs are fake, and were pasted inconsistently between the two videos, or the puffballs are real and the layer mask was placed inconsistently. Either way, a real airplane is ruled out.

See this for a video demonstration of the over-under puffball contradiction.

See this for a 3D model study of how different mask positions can account for the puffball contradiction, without moving the puffballs.

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