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The footage of the alleged 2nd airplane strike captured by the Naudet brothers, and presented in the documentary “9/11 – The Filmmaker’s Commemorative Edition”, contains a very suspicious edit. The footage is shot from street-level, northeast of the towers. It appears to catch a glimpse of an airplane coming in, then shows the explosion. Before the camera tilts down, we see the Pinocchio’s Nose event, and it appears to be a dust explosion.

Then, there is an edit, after which we see the continuation of the explosion. Some amount of time is missing. Not much, no more than a second or so. But it is exactly the time that would show the fate of Pinocchio’s Nose. It is also exactly the time corresponding to the fade to black in Chopper 5.


Such an edit is consistent with the compositing hypothesis, because creating multiple views of an imaginary steel-destroying and/or dust-exploding flame event would be very difficult. Far easier would be to simply delete that portion of time, rather than have to deal with it.

Such an edit is not consistent with the real plane hypothesis, because there is no cinematic reason to edit away that short period of time. The footage is chaotic and raw, with wild camera movement anyway. Whatever was captured in the missing moment could only make the footage more dramatic.

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