The Miracle Zoom

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After the 5 seconds of wide shot, with no plane in it, the camera then zooms part way in, zooms in some more, then finally zooms all the way in, framing a nice shot of the twin towers. Now at least it appears as though the chopper has arrived “at the scene”, as anchor Jim Ryan said. Amazingly, one video frame after the final zoom, an airplane enters the screen. What are the odds of that happening by chance?

Overlaying a moving airplane image on a stable, not-zooming video is feasible. Doing so on a zooming shot is quite tricky, and impossible to do in real time, if it is to be a convincing fake. Finishing all zooming is a practical necessity for any live compositing.


Thus, the miracle zoom is consistent with the compositing hypothesis, and would be a huge coincidence under the real plane hypothesis.

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