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The CNN Ghostplane footage also has suspicious editing. A version first aired on CNN late on the evening of 9/11. The “complete” version appeared in the documentary “CNN – America Remembers”. We see an airplane come into frame, glide effortlessly into the building with no apparent damage to the plane. A full second later, the building explodes from within, and the fireball expands.

Then, there is an edit in the video. After an unknown amount of time, picture returns, and there is a gaping, airplane shaped hole in the wall. Suspiciously, we never see the columns breaking and the hole forming in the side of the tower. What is in the missing footage?

In the “America Remembers” version of Ghostplane, a man’s voice, with a middle-eastern accent, close to the microphone, and presumably photographer Michael Hezarkhani says, “Oh my god, a plane just crashed into the building. I cannot believe it. Oh my god”. However, during the original airing of the footage on 9/11, on CNN television, which did include audio, no such voice is heard. Obviously the voice was added to the documentary version. Why?

Hezarkhani Overdubbing

As far as I know, there is no video record in existence of what happened to either tower approximately 10 seconds after each fireball exploded. Why not? We are to believe that many of the second strike videos were captured by amateurs, but we also know that cameras were relentlessly seized by “officials” on the scene. [1]

Is it really possible that nobody managed to capture the formation of the plane-shaped holes? Are we to think this is just another amazing coincidence?


The observations are consistent with the video composite hypothesis. The overdubbed voice would simply be taking the opportunity to reinforce the illusion of an airplane. The airplane-shaped hole is formed by explosives after the time when the alleged airplane is supposed to have passed through.

No other explanations for these missing data have emerged consistent with a real airplane. Any forthcoming will be considered.

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