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9/11 was a media job. The airplane videos are composites. I have presented 22 data points:

  1. Nine Extraordinary Compositional Features
  2. Down the Memory Hole
  3. Slowly Drifting Left
  4. No Plane in the Wide Shot
  5. The Miracle Zoom
  6. Pinocchio’s Nose
  7. The Fade to Black
  8. Unstable Motion
  9. The Missing Shadow
  10. Magically Healing Columns
  11. The Over-Under Puffball
  12. No Broadcast-Quality Video
  13. The Naudet Edit
  14. The Ghostplane Edit
  15. The Park Foreman Edit
  16. No sound in Fairbanks
  17. Hezarkhani Won’t Talk
  18. Newton Rolls in His Grave
  19. Comparison to Sandia F4 Test
  20. The Force Paradox
  21. No Wake Vortex
  22. Detonation Flashes as Sync Pops

Each and every one strongly favors the compositing hypothesis. Taken individually, many of them render the real plane hypothesis extremely unlikely, others rule it out. Put together, all doubt is erased. Chopper 5 and CNN Ghostplane are video composites.

Chopper 5 was shown live, it must have been a real-time composite. This then rules out a real plane, and rules out any flying object. This is because covering up a real flying object with a composite requires real-time motion tracking.Real-time motion tracking did not exist in 2001, and to this day is not nearly reliable enough to identify and track an incoming flying object.

Therefore there was no plane crash into WTC2. Therefore all videos depicting an airplane approaching and/or hitting WTC2 are video composites.

9/11 was a military operation, an intelligence operation, and a media operation. It was a psychological operation. The creation and presentation of the 9/11 airplane videos must have been centrally coordinated. News camera operators must have been instructed on what to shoot, and what not to shoot. A single master time-code stream must have been transmitted to Choppers 5 and 7.

Even ignoring the fake airplane videos and media involvement, the evidence for an inside job is overwhelming. From the disintegration of the twin towers, to the war games, to intercept failure, to the insider trading, it goes on and on. Given this, an independent news media would make the 9/11 inside job and cover-up the news story of all time. No such story is even considered. The various networks do not function independently of each other, nor of the government.

There is one, and only one conclusion that can be reached: The so-called mainstream news media is nothing more, and nothing less, than the propaganda arm of the United States Federal Government. They willingly and intentionally participated in an act of mass murder, and mass deception. In a deliberate and pre-meditated fashion, they created fake moving airplane images, and inserted them into news video. No other narrative fits the facts.

The 9/11 problem far transcends any particular presidential administration or congress. I do not call for “a new investigation”, as do so many others. The U.S. Government has become destructive of the ends for which it was established - to protect the rights of individuals. Therefore I have no choice but to suggest that the prudent course of action is to abolish the United States Government, or more correctly, the govern-media. We, the people, are endowed by our creator with the unalienable right to do so. In fact, it is not only our right, it is our duty. <a href="">[n]</a>

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