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fig.  6 - Chopper 5 – Arriving at the scene?
fig. 6 - Chopper 5 – Arriving at the scene?

At the beginning of the footage, FOX 5 anchor Jim Ryan says, “As you look at the picture from our chopper now arriving at the scene . . .” But what is he talking about? The helicopter is over New Jersey, about 4 1/2 miles from the World Trade Center.

The helicopter begins to hover, drifting slowly to the left. One trade tower is burning and smoking. Why would the pilot not be hurrying toward what is already the news story of the year?


This observation is consistent with the video compositing hypothesis, because, as noted above, and detailed in Appendix A, live compositing is not possible on an approaching helicopter shot, but is possible on a gyro-stable, slowly drifting helicopter shot.It is not consistent with the real plane hypothesis, because ordinarily an experienced news helicopter pilot would hurry closer to the story.

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