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According to Evan Fairbanks in an interview with Jeff Hill, his footage was accidentally recorded with no sound. [#_ftn15 [15]] It was played on ABC News on the evening of 9/11 without sound. Earlier reports suggested that Fairbanks was made to surrender his video to the FBI, and/or the NYNJ Port Authority, who gave him back a copy with no sound.

However, in the documentary “In Memoriam – New York City 9/11/01”, the sound of an approaching jetliner and crash has been added and synchronized with the Fairbanks video footage.It can only be characterized as a sound effect, of unknown origin.


Deceiving the audience into believing it is sound recorded by Evan Fairbanks is the obvious motive for including it. No other explanations have emerged. Images with synchronized audio seem much more realistic to the audience than those without sound.

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