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Ordinarily, television news stations keep archives of all significant news events. For a standard fee, clips are available to use in such things as documentary movies. However, broadcast-quality copies of 9/11 airplane videos appear unavailable at any price. In March 2008, I contacted WNYW television and requested to license a broadcast-quality copy of Chopper 5 for use in my upcoming documentary film. Isaura Nunez, head of public affairs for WNYW, confirmed that their archive department did have the footage, but declined my request, saying only “Unfortunately, we will be unable to participate in this project”.[1]

It’s not just me. Broadcast-quality Chopper 5 footage has never appeared in any documentary, or anywhere at all after 9/11. The two copies that survive are both home-recorded lower quality versions posted on the internet. Broadcast-quality would allow even better analysis than what has been presented here. If you are still inclined to be skeptical about no plane crashes, I ask you: Why would the media conceal the best versions of these videos, if not to cover-up evidence of digital compositing?


The non-availability of a proper Chopper 5 is consistent with the compositing hypothesis, in that it indicates a “mens rea” (guilty mind) on the part of WNYW FOX 5. Other than cover-up, no explanation has emerged for this behavior. It is therefore inconsistent with the real plane hypothesis.

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