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fig. 45 - Magically Healing Columns? (larger version)
fig. 45 - Magically Healing Columns? (larger version)

I now consider what appear to be magically healing steel columns in the Hezarkhani / CNN footage. This footage has been nicknamed “Ghostplane” with good reason. The plane appears to pass effortlessly through the steel box columns and steel-reinforced concrete floors.

We know that at some point in time, an airplane-shaped hole appeared in the side of the tower. Fig. 45 is a series of images from the Ghostplane video. The first 5 are sequential video fields, separated in time by 1/59.94 of a second. The final image was selected from much later in the video, after an edit. This last image was at the same (or slightly wider) zoom setting as the rest, therefore has the same (or slightly worse) resolution.

In the second-to-the-last image (fig. 45), the left wing has already passed beyond the wall. We see the hole in the wall corresponding to the left wing, but the damage area only looks about half as dark as it does later on. The right wing of the airplane has also passed through the wall of the building, except for the very tip, yet we cannot see any damage to the wall in that area.

Is it possible that the airplane-shaped hole is already present, but the video quality is too poor to see it? No. The last frame in the sequence (fig. 45) is from much later in the video, after an edit, and when the camera was zoomed out slightly more. The picture quality would therefore be a little worse than in the previous frames. Smoke now obscures part of the right side of the opening, but clearly we can see the gaping hole in the wall.

There is far more than enough resolution to see whether or not columns have broken away to reveal the very dark interior of the building. The hole would be as dark as it appears in the final image. Therefore, the columns were broken some time after the image of the wings appeared to pass through the wall. Therefore the “wings” of the “airplane” did not break the columns. Something else did.

Official Story

Steve Wright has offered what is, to my knowledge, the only attempt to explain the Magically Healing Columns observation. He agrees that there is plenty of picture quality to see the big hole, if present. Wright claims that the airplane made a smaller hole, just large enough to accommodate itself, and that the subsequent jet fuel explosion then “enlarged” the hole.

Wright is complimented for his creativity. But his explanation probes the far outer limits of absurdity.A jet fuel explosion cannot possibly break steel. High explosives which can cut steel, do so by moving air very fast, from 10,000 feet to 30,000 feet per second. Whatever sort of explosions took place within the twin towers, the orange fireball was moving air no more than about 100 feet per second. This is 2 orders of magnitude too weak. Ask any explosives expert. The idea of cutting steel box columns with kerosene is ridiculous.


I have duplicated the compositing techniques that must have been used on CNN Ghostplane. [1] The apparently Magically Healing Columns are perfectly consistent with the compositing hypothesis. The airplane appears to glide through the wall because it is an image disappearing into a layer mask. The damage under the left wing first appears at half-darkness because it is being faded in.Damage under the right wing does not appear at all because it only occurred later.

No explanation has emerged consistent with a real airplane. The Magically Healing Columns rule out a real airplane.

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