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fig.  4 - CNN Replay of Chopper 5, 9:09 AM EDT.
fig. 4 - CNN Replay of Chopper 5, 9:09 AM EDT.

Fig Leaf

Given the well-known penchant of the news media to replay dramatic footage ad-infinitum, it is extraordinary to note that the Chopper 5 airplane footage was never replayed. One, and only one, replay of it was attempted on CNN, a few minutes after the event.

But the airplane was completely covered up by a huge logo graphic (fig. 4). Other than that, we never saw Chopper 5 again. When the 9/11 news archive was created at, the Chopper 5 footage had been replaced by completely different video, yet still featured the original voice-over (fig. 5).

Many 9/11 documentaries have been produced by mainstream sources, several of which feature videos of the alleged 2nd crash. The Chopper 5 footage has never appeared in any mainstream programs, while inferior footage has.

Unavailable at any price

fig.  5 - FOX Broadcast as it appeared on the archives
fig. 5 - FOX Broadcast as it appeared on the archives

In April 2008, I contacted FOX 5 Public Affairs Director Isaura Nunez, and attempted to license a broadcast-quality copy. I was turned down, and I documented this on my blog. [1] I now offer $100,000 as a reward for the long lost shot. [2]

Very recently, after much criticism, three YouTube videos have surfaced that appear to show Chopper 5 replays at various times on 9/11. These were posted on October 30, 2008, November 1, 2008, and November 2, 2008, by YouTube users “WNYW” and “911footage”. Interesting to note is that in all of these newfound replays, the announcers are talking about unrelated matters. It would be a simple matter to re-edit the archive footage to include the shot.Even if the replays did occur on television, the replacement of the archive footage, and the non-availability of any broadcast-quality copy, at any price, are suspicious facts on their face.


It is therefore reasonable to think that FOX television is hiding something on Chopper 5, and it is unreasonable to think otherwise.This behavior on the part of FOX news is consistent with the video compositing hypothesis, and strongly implies that something went wrong with Chopper 5. It is inconsistent with a real plane hypothesis, because FOX and the other networks would have every reason to replay a real plane, and to feature it on the archives, and to make money by licensing it, and no reason to hide it.

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