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Consider the footage of an old F4 fighter jet impacting a wall. [1]

There is no fuel in the jet, as it is attached to a rocket sled. The airplane explodes radially upon impact.Pieces of the wings break off. While the airplane largely disintegrates, the wall is largely unharmed. This is consistent with Newton’s Laws. Sandia does not present a Force Paradox, discussed below. At any point in time, both the wall and the airplane are receiving an equal force, in opposite directions. The plane is much weaker, and it is destroyed.

Consider Ghostplane.

We observe an airplane image which passes effortlessly through the steel and concrete wall and floors, without appearing to slow down, bend, bounce, twist, or break.


This is perfectly consistent with video compositing. An airplane image proceeds into a layer mask, where it simply disappears bit by bit, frame by frame. This is a simple effect to produce. Creating a more realistic jet crash effect is immensely more difficult and time consuming.

These data are not consistent with a real airplane impacting a wall.

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