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fig. 45 - Magically Healing Columns? (larger version)
fig. 45 - Magically Healing Columns? (larger version)

I bring 22 data sets to test two competing hypotheses:

  • The real airplane hypothesis – A real Boeing 767 airplane flew into WTC2 on 9/11.
  • The video composite hypothesis – The jet crash was faked by inserting airplane images into otherwise authentic video footage.

Each data set is considered under both hypotheses. I explore every explanation that has been offered by supporters of the real airplane. I apply the principles of video compositing, of Newtonian Physics, of logic, and of common sense.

The FOX “Chopper 5” and CNN “Ghostplane” videos are both shown to have multiple observable features irreconcilable with reality, yet perfectly consistent with video compositing. For instance, Chopper 5 is missing an airplane in its first 5 seconds. The airplane that finally does appear has unstable motion. The nose of the airplane image was accidentally allowed to pop out from the back of the tower, and it’s missing a shadow. The wings of CNN Ghostplane pass through the wall of the tower, yet no damage is observed. There’s a puffball that appears in different places in different videos. Each one of these is strictly impossible in reality. Each one of these is a commonplace problem in the world of video compositing.

Having proven compositing on Chopper 5 and Ghostplane, a distinction is made between the compositing techniques employed on live, real-time videos, and those that allow time for editing. By understanding the requirements and limitations of live compositing, I rule out the possibility of any flying object being present.All 9/11 airplane videos are thus proven to be video composites. Each one has had an airplane image inserted into what is otherwise real footage.

3 different videos feature a blackout within ¼ second of one another. Suspicious editing abounds. Broadcast quality videos are unavailable at any price. Chopper 5 was never replayed. Audio has been tampered with. Evident is a very guilty mind on the part of the news networks.

The ultimate conclusion is that the so-called “mainstream media” is a willing propaganda organ of the U.S. government, complicit in mass murder on 9/11.I coin the term “govern-media”.As was the case with the founders of the United States, it is my unalienable right and moral duty to call for the abolishment of the government.

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